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The Referendum cometh!

We have war in Afghanistan. We have another one possibly in Libya. Inflation is picking up. The Brown Budget Deficit is still with us and hitting hard – and the Euro is falling apart thanks to the daft idea that … Continue reading

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There’s more to electoral reform………..

………than the voting system and I’m dismayed in the extreme that we are apparently to have a referendum on it next May! This is far too short a time to consider all the aspects of the subject that should be … Continue reading

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L’Affaire Laws

Three questions remain unanswered about the rapid and regrettable departure of the Chief Secretary to the Treasury. Why did a man of his undoubted intelligence get himself into such a pickle in the first place? Did he not realise that, … Continue reading

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Well I’m blowed!

I have just received the Ineffable Davey’s letter to voters (the ‘handwritten’ one!) dated 1st May! I am  at a loss to understand why he’s put it out now. Perhaps our local LD ‘Focus’ Team only just got around to … Continue reading

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A week is a long time……….

Firstly, let me thank all the people who have sent messages of support during the time since last Friday. I’ve had letters and emails from all the active Residents’ Associations in Surbiton Hill and many Borough organisations and individual constituents … Continue reading

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Davey on Immigration

One of the country’s most respected bloggers, Iain Dale, posted this today, having heard our very own ED on the ‘Politics Show‘. ‘LibDem Immigration Policy Unravels Iain Dale 2:40 PM At the best of times, Ed Davey is a politician … Continue reading

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Batsqueak from UKIP

A small UKIP leaflet was delivered by the postman this morning. The good thing about it was that it was devoid of the unpleasant negativity of the Liberal Democrat efforts on which I have commented earlier. It didn’t have room … Continue reading

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