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Post script

Glad to note that David Cameron followed my sartorial advice and wore a morning suit. My influence is obviously growing!

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It was a good day!

Royal Wedding Day went very well from just about all angles. The TV coverage of the event was excellent. The weather was fine and even sunny at times. Our neighbours had a street party immediately after the wedding. Thanks to … Continue reading

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Huhne upset

It seems Chris Huhne is tearing his hair out over the NotoAV leaflet and other activities of the NO campaigners. Some of them have been naughtily going around with placards, curiously like the YES lapel badges, displaying quotes of Lib … Continue reading

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What to wear at weddings…….

Depends on the wedding. But if someone invites you to a formal event you should dress appropriately. Go on Dave! If I can do it. you can do it!

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From the NO campaign

The free post NO leaflet arrived this morning; rather late for us as we have already voted by post! It makes some telling points on the cost of AV. though, to be fair, I don’t see why counting machines would … Continue reading

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Is this what Joanna, Colin and others really think?

Had my letter from a lot of celebrities today. I was really thrilled! Absolutely fab picture of Joanna Lumley and Colin Firth looking Darcyesque alongside. They were all advising me to vote for AV. I bet you two years ago … Continue reading

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Better off out?

We learn that the EU wants yet more of our money to expand its budget still further. Apart from dealing with the financial mess left by Gordon Brown we are also expected to bail out Ireland, Greece and Portugal – … Continue reading

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