Lib Dem Policy 4: Open door

Policies: At no time in the last 13 years have the Lib Dems opposed Labour’s de facto open door policy, that has seen immigration to Britain soar by at least 2.5 million since 1997. One must assume, therefore, that this tunes nicely with their own policy stance.

I say ‘at least’ because we don’t know how many illegal immigrants are in the country. Never mind, Mr. Clegg has a policy for that too, which he kept carefully under wraps last Thursday. It is to grant an amnesty to long term illegal immigrants – in effect legalising retrospectively their illegal entry into Britain.

Comment: They have borrowed this idea from, of all people, George W. Bush, who tried to introduce it in the USA some years back. Granting citizenship to illegal immigrants is a sure fire way of encouraging yet more illegal immigration in the hope of a further amnesty in the future.

Illegal immigration very often means ‘people trafficking’ and that is the 21st century’s version of the Slave Trade – sometimes literally so – except that, by a cruel twist, the illegal immigrants often pay huge sums to shady characters to be ‘trafficked’. Some ended up not all that long ago drowned in Morecambe Bay. It is a thing against which we should all set our faces. No wonder Mr. Clegg didn’t live up to his 2007 pledge to ‘speak fearlessly’ about it.

It saddens me to say it but

If you vote Liberal Democrat – this is what you’re voting for.

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Elected as Conservative councillor in Surbiton Hill, Kingston upon Thames in 1998. Re-elected 2002 and 2006. Former parliamentary candidate in Lancashire and Birmingham. Ceased to be a Councillor (temporarily?) in 2010. Active among Residents' Associations in Surbiton Hill and among residents in social housing generally. Former teacher of History at St. Brendan's College Bristol and Head of History and Politics at the London Oratory School. Worked with Sutton Trust running summer schools for sixth formers at Oxford University from 1997-2000 aiming to improve uptake of places from pupils from state schools which sent very few applicants to Oxbridge.
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