Lib Dem Policy 2: Europe

by Paul Johnston

Policy stance: Strongly committed to European federalism and joining the Euro at the earliest opportunity. Want to give up our remaining opt outs from various EU policies and join in with schemes like the European arrest warrant, criticising the resistance of the Conservatives and UKIP ‘as resistance to the international fight against ‘drug trafficking, gun smuggling and sex slavery’ (Lib Dem campaign leaflet 2009 European election).

Comment: The Tories are fighting the right of a foreign judge to issue an arrest warrant against a British subject for something which may not even be considered a crime under British Law. This is what the Lib Dems are criticising. They fought the 2005 election pledged to back a referendum on the European Constitution but then, at the first opportunity, voted with the Government on the Lisbon Treaty and ensured there was no referendum before ratification. They can be relied upon to frustrate Cameron’s attempts to repatriate powers from Brussels and they will seek to revive Euro membership as a policy for Britain. At least, by keeping us out, Brown got something right!

If you vote Liberal Democrat, this is what you’re voting for.

About pauljohnston

Elected as Conservative councillor in Surbiton Hill, Kingston upon Thames in 1998. Re-elected 2002 and 2006. Former parliamentary candidate in Lancashire and Birmingham. Ceased to be a Councillor (temporarily?) in 2010. Active among Residents' Associations in Surbiton Hill and among residents in social housing generally. Former teacher of History at St. Brendan's College Bristol and Head of History and Politics at the London Oratory School. Worked with Sutton Trust running summer schools for sixth formers at Oxford University from 1997-2000 aiming to improve uptake of places from pupils from state schools which sent very few applicants to Oxbridge.
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1 Response to Lib Dem Policy 2: Europe

  1. pauljohnston says:

    Sent by email to my private address
    Has our liberal Democrat MP gone quite crackers; is he totally mad ?
    OK so I am biased. I am a wartime kid. I was about ten or eleven years old when Hitler was bombarding us with his V1 Doodlebugs, the most terrifying and frightening experience in my life: but it got worse! Then came his V2 rockets which, without any warning, at dead of night, would fall out of the sky and explode demolishing whole communities. Now, of course we do not have to contend with Hitler’s weapons, it is far worse. There are hostile and /or unstable regimes around the world developing nuclear weapons. And yet I actually saw and heard our MP Ed Davey, on television say that if he came to power he would scrap Trident, our only nuclear deterrent. How soft can he be ?

    Has he no idea what it is like; has he no concept of the feeling he would get if a world war came right up to his front door step ?

    Perhaps he will hold up his hand to a hostile nation and say, “No old chap you cannot drop your bombs on us because I have declared the British Isles a nuclear free zone.”

    I don’t think he is an idiot, he might not even be naive but I do think that he is talking the way his stomach guides him because he thinks that there might be a vote or two for him from soft, inexperienced liberals.

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