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Good news from Ulster

Congratulations to the Ulster Conservatives and Unionists on winning the third European Parliament seat in the province. They came a close third after Sinn Fein and the DUP. It’s great to see that Ulster is starting out on the road … Continue reading

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So now we know……..

Philip Johnston (no relation, to my knowledge) in this morning’s Telegraph claims that the Euro election results were people saying ‘a plague on both your houses’ to the Tories and Labour. It might be worth pointing out to users of … Continue reading

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Euro-elections 2009 Part VI: Lib Dems again,I’m afraid

This could have been called ‘Voice of despair MkII’. On the eve of poll the Lib Dems locally are trying to latch on to the Gurkhas story, claiming to have started a campaign ‘years ago’ while Nick Clegg first asked … Continue reading

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