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Edwardus Exclusus

 Apologies for the conceit, but, reading this morning’s newspaper article about the Deputy Speaker’s disciplining of our dear MP for his disrespect for the Chair, I was reminded of Erasmus’s satire on Pope Julius II (under the title ‘Julius Exclusus’) … Continue reading

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Ken and the Council Tax

  It is worth remembering that, thanks to the constitutional mess made by Tony Blair of London’s local government, a large chunk of what we pay in Tax to our Boroughs is ‘precepted’ (i.e.syphoned off) to pay for the antics … Continue reading

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Visit to Winkworth arboretum

One of the few National Trust places open in Surrey at this time of year. Daphne and I went there on Sunday afternoon for a light lunch followed by a short walk. I need to use a stick because of … Continue reading

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The future of our rubbish

                                                                                                                                                           It looks as though the future of waste collection in Kingston will be that the current system of weekly residual collections and fortnightly recyclables collection will be reversed for houseowners from September 1st. The weekly collection will include food … Continue reading

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 I have moved from my old site at, though the site is still up and running and archive material dating back to early 2006 can be viewed there. Today is the start of a new year of my life … Continue reading

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